The Radio Thin Client Module (RTCM)

This device is the commercially available, service mount version of the voter board. It is available for purchase from the Micro-Node Website. It is the functional equivalent of the voter board in a smaller package. You can run both RTCM's and Voter Board's in the same simulcast system with no issues. 
As with the Voter Board, in order to Simulcast you need to modify the board to accept a 9.6 MHz reference to precisely time the microprocessor on the board. If this is your first time setting one of these RTCM's up, I would suggest you save the 9.6 MHz input modification until after you get the RTCM up and working properly. All of this assumes you have Allstar up and working and have you voter to conf file configured. 
Here is the quick start guide for the RTCM, don't worry, I will go into detail on each step later.

1. Power on the RTCM and connect it to a network that has DHCP.
2. Find the IP address of the RTCM and login using Putty with Telnet on port 23
3. Login to the RTCM, First time login Username "admin", Password "radios"
4. Configure the GPS settings and a static IP address if you wish, see the Examples Page. 
5. Put in the IP address of the host computer in the 2 - Voter Server Address setting. 
6. Once the GPS and HOST LED's light up solid your RTCM is successfully connected to the host computer and is ready to be used. 

Of course this is a very condensed version of how to get the RTCM up and running.