Software Tools

Win 32 Disk Imager
This tool is very handy for reading and writing images to SD and CF cards as well as USB drives.

WinSCP File Manager
This is handy for editing files in Linux without using the command line

Angry IP Scanner
Used for scanner IP address ranges and discovering pingable devices on a network and listing them. 

PuTTY SSH and Telnet Client
The title kind of says it. You can use this to communicate with your node computer and RTCM/Voter Board.

Microchip MPLAB v8.66 Developement Environment
If you are building your own voter board, you will need this to program the bootloader into a blank processor. 

Microchip MPLAB C30 Compiler Version 3.30C
This is needed if you wish to edit the Voter Board/RTCM firmware code or the PCGM/PGM code 
and then compile it so it can be written to the device. When installing, use the LITE version. 

ENC Loader
Software to load the firmware into the RTCM or Voter board.

This can be used to run old programming software on Windows 7/8/10 and 11 for radios such as the Motorola Maxtrac, GM300 and M120. 

Lady Heather's Disciplined Oscillator Control Program
This is a very handy program for observing the GPS data from a GPS receiver. This program works with both NMEA and TSIP GPS receivers. It uses a serial port to read the data from a GPS receiver. 

NGREP Linux packet inspection tool
This is Network GREP for Linux. In order to use this tool you will most likely need to install it. For HamVoIP installations which are based on ArchLinux you can use this command:

pacman -S ngrep

and for Raspbian, Armbian or Debian installations:

apt-get install ngrep

This is a handy tool for inspecting packet traffic on an Ethernet interface. This Linux tool has a bunch of troubleshooting uses and It's useful for seeing if you are receiving traffic from RTCM's (or any other traffic) at the host computer. For example, to see traffic on the Voter port from a specific RTCM, you can use this command. 

ngrep port 667 and src host IP_ADDR_OF_RTCM

If you want to see the traffic from all your RTCM's/Voter Boards you can just run this command which will list all packets coming to the device on port 667. 

ngrep port 667