Software Downloads

Spotnik Allstar Image for Alternate ARM based devices
Spotnik OrangePi 0/1/PC and NanoPi Neo Allstar Image Version 1.0
Spotnik OrangePi 0/1/PC and NanoPi Neo Allstar Image Version 1.3

These images are based on Armbian Buster and have Allstar and SVXlink on them. 
These software images have been tested on these four devices but should work on any device using the AllWinner H3 processor.

Devices I have tested this image on
- Orange Pi 0 (512MB Version)
- Orange Pi 1
- Orange Pi PC (H3 processor)
- Nano Pi NEO (512MB Version)
- Turewell T95 TV Box

The Orange Pi PC is relatively close to the specs of the Raspberry Pi 2. The biggest difference is The Orange Pi PC with the Allwinner H3 processor is running at 1.6 GHz as opposed the Raspberry Pi 2's 900 MHz Broadcom processor. A full comparison of the Orange Pi PC and Raspberry Pi 2 is HERE. 

Note: If using the Nano Pi Neo or Orange Pi 0, use the version that has 512MB of ram. The 256MB version does not have enough memory to run the software reliably. 

The root password for these images is "spotnik".  

Once this is booted you can configure system settings like the IP address, time zone, language and other things in the Armbian Configuration Utility. You can access this utility from the command line by running this command:


Then you should be presented with the menu:

Once in the menu the first thing you are probably going to change is the language unless you enjoy seeing everything in French. This should change the language to English through the operating system. 
Now that the locale has been updated you will notice that all your telemetry is still in French. In order to change that you need to change the sounds file directory names. this is how you do that, run these commands in the Linux command line:

mv /var/lib/asterisk/sounds sounds_fr
mv /var/lib/asterisk/sounds_en sounds

Now, all your telemetry will be in English.