About Me

  I will not make this long but I will go into my background as it pertains to radio.
My name is Joe Moskalski, callsign KC2IRV. I have been into radio since I was 10 years old and received my Ham license at 16 years old. I am largely self taught in radio and began working in electronics repair at 19 years old working for a small TV repair shop. From there I worked for a few other places doing consumer electronics repair while also advancing my knowledge in radio theory and practical experience. 
I owned a consumer electronics repair business for a few years until products in the industry became so cheap that it just didn't make sense to repair them. With the fall off of consumer electronics repair I took a job with a major city maintaining their radio trunking system as well as their PBX telephone systems. 
I then moved on to working for a private company who's main focus is public safety communications and that
is where I am today.
  Currently, the bulk of my work deals with county wide public safety radio systems and microwave data back haul systems. I have a good deal of experience in computer networking and VoIP PBX telephone systems. Currently I have a 6 site, 70cm simulcast system on the air using Allstar and a mix of RTCM's and Voter boards.