System Issues and Quirks

There are a few issues with the system that can really make you scratch your head unless you have dealt with them before. All the ones that I know of I am going to list here with their explanations and resolutions. 

No Voter Board/RTCM menu when connected directly with Ethernet
I have had this happen to me a few times, when you are going through the initial setup of the device. You connect to the unit directly after previously having set a static IP address in it and after you connect to and log into the device, the menu will not come up and it will not respond to any commands. I believe this happens due to an ARP/MAC issue when it's first powered up. The resolution to this is to connect to it through a network switch or connect it to another computer and it should communicate. 

Audio in the field has a "growl" to it and the audio is distorted even though all settings have been confirmed to be correct. 
This is an issue that had been going for days checking and re-checking my equipment. 
Both the PL tone and audio were out of time and I couldn't figure out why until I started restarting equipment. So if this issue pops up and you confirm all your settings and adjustments are correct, reboot you equipment in this sequence. 
Note: this process can be done entirely by remote connection, no physical rebooting is required 

1. Host Computer - This needs to be a full reboot, not just an Asterisk restart
   Wait for the computer to fully restart before moving on

2. Master Voter Board/RTCM - This reboot can be done by just pressing "R" in the

3. All other Voter Boards/RTCM's - The order of reboots no longer matters just go
   into each device and reboot them ONE AT A TIME!

Now the timing of the audio should be corrected.

New Voter Board/RTCM added to an existing system will not connect to host
Another issue when adding a new Voter Board/RTCM to the system. Sometimes when adding a new device to the system you will not get a host connection to the device. In this case, a reboot of the host computer may work to solve the issue. If not, following the system reboot steps above should resolve this issue. 

The Voter Module on the Host Locks up after a few days of continuous operation
Note: This is may be resolved with HamVoIP version 1.7 but is present in HamVoIP version 1.5
This problem will present itself as the radio system being completely inoperative. You will not see any signal on the Allmon/Supermon voter display. You will also no longer hear the system key up, ID or repeat at all but the host will remain operational though. So far, the only work around I know of is a cron job that restarts Asterisk every morning at 2 AM. This is the cron job I use:

0 02 * * * /usr/local/sbin/

This cron job runs a restart script that will restart Asterisk if it's already running and start Asterisk if it's not running.