Site Introduction

This site is currently under construction and will be continuously updated with new information as I find out about it. There is a lot of information I wish to convey on may different topics. 
Please check back often as I am updating it often. So, in the mean time please excuse any errors on any of the pages. If you would like to contribute any information, or have any questions you can email me at

My name is Joe, callsign KC2IRV. The purpose of this site is to be an information repository that focuses on radio voting and simulcast using the Allstarlink repeater controller software. I have been using Allstar for voting and simulcast for the past 7 years and I have learned a lot along the way. In that time I have noticed that there is no comprehensive guide on the in’s and out’s of getting an Allstar voting and simulcast system up and running. My goal here is to provide as much information as I can so someone can use this site to get a voted, or a voted and simulcast system on the air with the minimum amount of headache and scouring the internet for infromation. I also want to demystify radio simulcast in general and provide explanations that can teach others the how and why this stuff works. I will try to explain the theory of operation of simulcast and voting and also go over the specific adjustment and testing procedures. Simulcast is a method of radio communication that has been implemented heavily in the public safety and commercial broadcast industry for years but has remained out of reach for most Hams due to the lack of publicly available information and reasonably priced hardware.