RTCM and Voter Board Firmware

Download Firmware Files
Voter Board Firmware Version 1.5
RTCM Board Firmware Version 1.5
Voter Board DSP/BEW Firmware Version 1.5
RTCM Board DSP/BEW Firmware Version 1.5
ENC Loader to load new firmware

There are newer versions of firmware that have come out recently. I'm still currently running version 1.5 and it hasn't given me any issues as of yet but I do plan for a maintenance window on my system to update the devices to the latest 3.0 version at some point. Instead of all the files being separate, I have both the RTCM(SMT) and the Voter Board versions in one compressed file. 

Voter and RTCM Firmware Version 3.0 Download

Also, here is a link to the Allstar Github page where the new versions of firmware are currently being posted. The page also explains to fixes and improvements the come with each version. 

Note #1: The DSP/BEW firmware is typically only used with the Motorola Quantar repeaters due to the audio characteristics of the receive audio. Also be sure to have the latest firmware loaded in the Motorola Quantar otherwise you may encounter issues calibrating the squelch.

Note #2: Your serial number of your Voter Board/RTCM determines what your Ethernet MAC address is of the device. When you change the firmware this will reset to the default of "1234". You shouldn't have two or more devices on your network that have the same MAC address. So either write down what the original serial number and re-enter it once the firmware is changed or just make sure all the serial numbers between all the Voter Boards/RTCM's in your system are different from each other. 
When this is changed you may have issues talking to your device again, if this is the case on a Windows machine go into the command line and type arp -d * This will flush all the ARP entries and you should be able to access your device again. 

Loading new firmware into the Voter Board or RTCM

loading new firmware into the Voter Board or RTCM is relatively easy. You need a small piece of software called the ENC Loader that you can download with the above link. The process is pretty easy but one thing you need to know is the bootloader IP address. 
To see what this address is set to, log into the Voter Board or RTCM press "I" for the IP Parameters Menu. 
i - IP Parameters menu

In this menu choose option #14 to change the bootloader IP address if you wish to, if not then simply exit.

14 - BootLoader IP Address ( (OK)

As you can see, the bootloader IP address is set to as the default. You can leave this unchanged or change it to the same address you are going to for the device normally. Once you know this you can now get the software and open it up, this is what you should see:

You enter your Bootloader IP address in the top bar and press "Set Address", you should see the target address appear below as you can see in the photo above. 
Now you can press "File" and search for where you downloaded and stored to be written to the device. 
Once this is done you can now press "Capture Target", at this point the software is waiting to hear from the bootloader in the Voter Board/RTCM.
With your laptop connected through Ethernet to the Voter Board/RTCM (Remember to have your laptop set to an IP address in the range of the bootloader address) Power cycle the device and while you see the Heartbeat light fast-blinking the ENC Loader should capture the device. You should see the "Program" button illuminate at which point you can press it and the software should load the new firmware into your device. 
Once done, power cycle the device and it should boot up with new firmware.